Continuous Updating: A List of Cyber Security Terms (A to Z)

Continuous Updating: A List of Cyber Security Terms (From A to Z)

A Access Ability and means to communicate with or otherwise interact with a system, to use system resources to handle information, to gain knowledge of the information the system contains, or to control system components and functions. SOURCE: CNSSI-4009 Access control The process of granting or denying specific requests to: 1) obtain and use information … [Read more…]

Internet Censorship

Internet Censorship-BitVPN

Internet Censorship is the control of access to information on the internet. Internet Censorship limits an individual’s access to what can be published, accessed, edited, and viewed on the internet. The intensity of internet censorship varies from country to country. In some cases, internet censorship is periodic, based on age, status, religious background, or ideology. … [Read more…]

Pharming Attacks

Over the last decade or so, the internet has been expanding at an alarming rate. Industries like Ecommerce and ESports have quadrupled in size in a relatively short time, and in a few years, they might even rival major industries like oil. With this fresh influx of money into the internet, it has never been … [Read more…]

How to File for Unemployment Benefits Online in US

how to file for unemployment benefits online in us

Have you been suffering from financial crisis since coronavirus pandemic? Never be so upset if it’s true. Everything will go smooth eventually, although it’s a little difficult right now. Luckily, a bunch of cash for unemployment benefits has been released by federal government especially for people who get unemployed because of COVID-19. Here’s a detailed … [Read more…]