How to Still Use TikTok if it’s Banned in Your Country

Since India’s ban on TikTok and WeChat together with 57 other Chinese applications at the beginning of this month, it seems to be approaching the US and UK. Although it hasn’t be decided, some signs gradually lead to an extremely possible result of bans. To fully get ready for the ban, there’s so much you can do.

How to Use TikTok and WeChat if it’s Banned in Your Country

Do You Still See the Views and Likes on Your TikTok?

TikTok is the most popular short video app in the world. In accordance with the data from Sensor Tower, TikTok has been downloaded 165 million times in the U.S., accounting for 8.2% of its 2 billion downloads globally. It has been used and liked by many young people as a social media app, which especially becomes true during the months of distance learning and social isolation because of COVID-19.

WeChat, however, has a different story since it’s been mainly used by the Chinese as a significant communication tool. Therefore, WeChat is mostly used by business people who have frequent business cooperation with the Chinese. Compared with TikTok, WeChat more plays a role as a pure communication tool although it also has social media channels like Moments.

Do you still see the views and likes on TikTok? Based on the tweet by @Absorber on Twitter, likes can be seen while views are missing on TikTok.

twitter post on tiktok

Some users even report both likes and views are missing on TikTok. No matter which type of missing it is, people depending much on the two apps will feel nervous about any tiny change occurring to them.

Who Would Suffer a Lot if TikTok and WeChat Got Banned?

For TikTokers, those who would suffer most from the TikTok ban should be influencers or celebrities on it. They earn their lives through publishing videos or holding Live shows on TikTok. Thanks to their large followers, they can monetize their content or selling things to their followers to make money. TikTok provides a platform where influencers can attract a large number of followers who’d like to go over their content and pay for them. Once the platform is missing, its earnings will be dramatically cut.

Yes, celebrities can find another platform in the future. However, up to now, there’s no platform or app that can attract more users than TikTok. Even if there’s one parallel platform, it’s impossible for followers to move from one platform to another in an integrated group.

Apart from TikTok celebrities, another group of people who will suffer from the ban is marketers. As is known, we can see ads on TikTok, which is a leading way for TikTok, or any application to profit. Due to the huge amount of audience, TikTok has undoubtedly become an ideal billboard for marketers who can display their products’ ads on it. If TikTok gets banned, however, the super billboard will go. With replacement not found, marketers will lose a valuable opportunity to market their products.

When it comes to WeChat that plays a role as a communication tool with Chinese, those who would suffer most from WeChat ban should be businesspeople who have close business contact with Chinese.

How to Still Use TikTok and WeChat after the Ban?

It is never true that a banned application can’t be used anymore. You can still use it, through the application of a VPN, Virtual Private Network.

How a VPN Makes That Happen?

As we browse the Internet or get connected to the network, our device communicates with the server based on IP address that translates human language into binary codes through which servers run. Your IP address contains complete information about you and your device, including your geological position, targeted websites, browsing content on the Internet, and all of your online tracks on the Internet.

As you login your TikTok or WeChat account in the US, your IP address lets other parties know that you’re staying in the US and the two apps aren’t so welcomed in this country. As a result, the server will say no to your request and the app won’t work as well.

disconnected network

When a VPN is used, however, your IP address will be perfectly hidden by a selected geological server. Your request will be believed to come from another location instead of the US and no restrictions will be met, which will lead you to smooth application of TikTok and WeChat even though you’re staying in the US. A VPN isn’t a new technology while it is being widely used around the world, especially in the countries the Internet can’t be accessed freely, like China, India, middle east countries, etc.

Better News with VPN Used for Banned Apps, You Can Use Them More Securely.

Another reason why VPN is strongly recommended to use while browsing the Internet is its capability to protect your privacy and cybersecurity. With a VPN pretty masking your IP address, your online activities can stay away from being monitored from any individual or organization. Your information will go through an end-to-end encryption tunnel so that it will be kept in complete security.

With a VPN used, there’s no need to worry that any of your online tracks will be exposed to hackers or “wrong eyes”. Bypassing Internet censorship, and providing top-grade cybersecurity, that’s what a VPN can do for you.

How to Get Fully Prepared for Possible Bans of TikTok and WeChat?

Now that TikTok and WeChat aren’t officially banned in the US, you still should do something to prepare for possible bans, which is especially important for those who live on the two apps.

#1. Download your TikTok videos and restore them in your device.

If you have published so many videos on TikTok, you should download and keep them in your device because they won’t be possibly retrieved in the case of bans. The following steps direct you on how to download them:

Step#1. Open TikTok on your phone and select the video you wish to download.

Step#2. Hit the share icon and select Save video.

Step#3. This will automatically save the video on your phone’s local storage.

#2. Withdraw money from your WeChat pay.

Do you keep money in your WeChat pay? It’s easy to pay using it but your money would also go with the ban on WeChat. Therefore, remember to withdraw all the money from your WeChat pay account.

#3. Find alternatives to the apps as soon as possible.

Sometimes, we have to compromise with local restrictions once they finally got banned. It’s necessary to make full preparations for that. You should find the best alternatives to the possibly banned apps to return to your ordinary life or business.

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