You Know What, BitVPN Can Be Used for Free

What do you know about BitVPN?

High Security Extent

Decentralized VPN


P2P Mesh Network

Internet Censorship Bypassing

Fast Connection

Worldwide Servers…

Your knowledge about BitVPN is just a bit.

One sentence should be kept in your mind: BitVPN can be used for FREE!

bitvpn can be used for free

How to Use BitVPN for Free?

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to using BitVPN free of charge.

Step#1: Download and Install BitVPN on your device.

Step#2: Open BitVPN and tap Get Premium button.

bitvpn screenshot 1

Step#3: Ignore the option of Buy and opt to Earn.


Step#4: Up to now, three methods to earn free points are available, Watch Videos, Paper Plane Surprise, and Special Offers. Whenever one task is completed, the corresponding number of points will be earned.

Step#5: As a few points are collected, they can be converted into online time span to spend for getting BitVPN connected.

bitvpn screenshot 3

The remaining time for you to continue using free BitVPN can be seen on the interface of BitVPN app.

bitvpn screenshot 4

IMPORTANT: Simple Tips to Better Use Your Free Points When Using Free BitVPN

Tip#1: Don’t be too quick to convert your free points into online time to use BitVPN for free.

The more points you have, the longer time span you’ll obtain. Generally speaking, 1 point equals 1 minute, which means 1 point can be converted into 1 minute for you to stay online with BitVPN used. However, when you have 1200 points, you can convert them into a time span as long as 3 days, that is, 4320 minutes. 1200 equals 4320 minutes, what a bargain!

Tip#2: Never redeem your free points unless you are quite sure to use them right away.

The online time to use BitVPN starts to be counted down as soon as your points have been successfully redeemed. It’ll be a huge waste if you can’t use it right away. Therefore, collect points as you’re free and convert them as you use it.

Tip#3: There’s no limit to earn free points by watching video.

If you hesitate to spend tons of time completing an extremely long questionnaire or to let others know what VPN you’re using, watching video alone can be enough for you to earn enough points. There’s no limit to earn free points by watching video.

Tip#4: Free version of BitVPN allows you to connect to the internet by VPN servers on the list of BitVPN paid version servers.

As sufficient free online time is obtained on BitVPN, the premium VPN servers can be used, which means you can select any VPN server on the list of BitVPN premium servers to finally speed up your VPN connection. No matter where you stay, there is always a server meeting your demands of both speed and connection quality.

Is Free BitVPN Totally the Same as Its Premium Service?

Absolutely no. It would be so unfair for paid users of BitVPN if free service was totally the same as its paid service, which works on any VPN service.

The free BitVPN service is an easy access to get to know and use BitVPN. The free service provides an opportunity to everyone to enjoy the internet with the most freedom. Moreover, anyone should be allowed and encouraged to protect their online security and privacy. That’s the essential drive BitVPN has been sticking to since its first code.

There are some differences between free service and paid service on BitVPN:

Connection Speed

Free service is fast while paid service is 4X faster.

Server Count

Up to now, free service and paid service share the same count of premium servers.

Data Limitation

Free service has limited data while paid service has unlimited data, so the latter runs faster.


Advertisements are available on free service since they account for a leading source of free points while they aren’t available on paid service.


Free service users can’t transfer their free points to other devices because they don’t have a unique account while paid service users can login their account on different devices simultaneously.

If you don’t mind the above issues, BitVPN free service is fit for you.

BitVPN: A Trusted, Decentralized VPN

  • Peer-to-Peer Mesh Network: Data Security Boosted.
  • Anonymous IP Address: Privacy Protection Enhanced.
  • Decentralized Network: Hack Risk Dramatically Reduced.
  • No Logging: Top Security for Your Data.
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows Support.
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