Essential Tips to Better Protect Online Security and Privacy as You Use Zoom for Videoconference

zoom videoconference security tips

It’s widely believed that remote work has been one of the main work styles due to the outbreak of COVID-19. For instant communication between colleagues or business partners, videoconference has been extraordinarily used and Zoom has become the top one tool for the videoconference. To cater to the rocketing demand from the globe, Zoom is … [Read more…]

Pharming Attacks

Over the last decade or so, the internet has been expanding at an alarming rate. Industries like Ecommerce and ESports have quadrupled in size in a relatively short time, and in a few years, they might even rival major industries like oil. With this fresh influx of money into the internet, it has never been … [Read more…]

How Should You Encrypt Your Internet Traffic with Low Cost?

how to encrypt your traffic

Everyone should encrypt their internet traffic but not everyone knows it. As you use the Internet, your online tracking isn’t what can be seen only by you. Internet fraudsters and third-party organizations are keeping tabs on your internet activity. Your Internet activity is always monitored by those people. Therefore, it would be weird and dangerous … [Read more…]

How Much Do You Know About Malware and How to Get Rid of It

What Is Malware? The term malware is a combination of malicious and software. It refers to any malicious program or malicious code that damages systems. Malware can invade, destroy or disable computers, systems, tablets, or mobile devices by affecting their partial functions so that the whole system finally breaks down, which is similar to the … [Read more…]

What is Cryptojacking? And How to Protect Against Cryptomining Malware

As the digital era dawns, both angels and demons have come to inhabit a new cyber environment. Someone’s gotta win, and someone’s gotta make a quick buck. Some people believe that tech is making crime easier. Do you agree? As far as the correlation is concerned between blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, cryptomining and cryptojacking, it does … [Read more…]

Internet Privacy and Security: The Need for a decentralized VPN

As it goes, the internet is no more a safe place. You can be tracked, your digital footprints can be traced, your bank details can be stolen, and your web history can be monitored. This is the reason that using a VPN service to secure internet connection has become an utmost necessity. For starters, a … [Read more…]