What is Cryptojacking? And How to Protect Against Cryptomining Malware

As the digital era dawns, both angels and demons have come to inhabit a new cyber environment. Someone’s gotta win, and someone’s gotta make a quick buck. Some people believe that tech is making crime easier. Do you agree? As far as the correlation is concerned between blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, cryptomining and cryptojacking, it does … [Read more…]

Centralized vs Decentralized VPN, Which Is the Best Protection for My Online Security and Privacy?

bitvpn-Centralized vs Decentralized VPN, Which Is the Best Protection for My Online Security and Privacy?

First off, props to you for caring about your online security and privacy enough to use a VPN to prevent you from data breaches and hacks. It’s the frontline of internet defense these days. However, security has no upper limit. For example, what should you do to prevent disease or a virus like the flu? … [Read more…]

Blockchain Technology: How You Stand To Benefit

Have you ever used blockchain technology? Even if you haven’t, you probably have heard of blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Tech and financial experts never stop talking about blockchain; it is a technology that shocked the Internet world. Blockchain was first used to keep records of bitcoin transactions because it allows every bitcoin user to … [Read more…]

Do Ordinary People Need VPNs?

The word VPN is an abbreviation that means Virtual Private Network. Virtual private network (VPN) it is a specially designed network of many servers that covers the entire globe which gives users private connection directly to any website or computer they connect to and make all their online activities,  such as sites visited, transactions made … [Read more…]

Internet Privacy and Security: The Need for a decentralized VPN

As it goes, the internet is no more a safe place. You can be tracked, your digital footprints can be traced, your bank details can be stolen, and your web history can be monitored. This is the reason that using a VPN service to secure internet connection has become an utmost necessity. For starters, a … [Read more…]

BitVPN Assures Users of Data Privacy following Recent Accusations against TikTok

TikTok has recently been accused of harvesting huge amounts of user data of personally identifiable nature and sending them to China. Popular VPN service BitVPN, however, informed that all its users are absolutely safe because of its decentralized data structure. A popular app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos, TikTok has … [Read more…]